Our Mission
YTA is a fully-accredited
high school program
rising to meet the challenge of
ensuring the successful
absorption of new immigrants
in high school.
YTA offers a full bagrut program
in English and basic Hebrew
focusing on the needs of
individual students.
The efforts that you and the YTA staff invest in each and every student and the variety of educational methods employed to ensure that each student is able to enhance their academic knowledge and further their religious growth is extraordinary.
Our daughter is so happy in school. She loves YTA and your warm nuturing environment. YTA challenges her mind and touches her heart. She has made wonderful frends. The volunteer work and tiyulim have been so enriching.
My daughter has always been as enthusiastic and great student and now she is back! It is great to have her excited again about learning Torah, Jewish ethics and her other subjects at YTA. Thank you!

May 5th

Yom Hashoa: Thursday, Special Programming

May 12th

Yom Hazikaron: Wednesday, 1:10 dismissal

May 13th

Yom Haatzmaut: Thursday,
No School

May 26th

Lag Baomer: Thursday,
No School

June 5

Yom Yerushalayim: Sunday

June 12-13

Shavuot: Sunday (Return to school Tuesday June 14th)

June 21

Last Day of School: Tuesday


Yerushalayim Torah Academy for Girls Is pleased to invite you to its 2016 Graduation Ceremony