“Donate Your Time”

Here is your opportunity to support YTA students with your time.  The time that you spend with an individual or small group of students will help them keep up with their studies and have a lasting impact on their growth.  

We look forward to welcoming you to the Volunteer Corps of YTA.  Please call us at the school of your choice:

YTA Boys in Yerushalayim:  Call Rabbi Borestein at (02)966-2500

YTA Girls in Yerushalayim:  Call Dr. Fredman at (054)668-8876

Alternatively, you may download this form and mail it to: Rabbi Borestein at 7 HaPisgah, Jerusalem or to Dr. Fredman at 8 Avraham Reccanati Street, Jerusalem.  YTA Volunteer Application

Or, you may fax the form to Rabbi Borestein: (02) 966-2505 or Dr. Fredman at (02)642-8830. 

E-Mail addresses:  Rabbi Borestein: boresteinYTA@gmail.com. Dr. Fredman: GirlsYTA@gmail.com

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our volunteer corps.