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Chessed Activities

The goal of our Chessed programs is to facilitate personal growth in our students.  We want them to feel the plight of others less fortunate and to stand tall when called.  Indeed, this was Avraham our Patriarch’s message to his children: when G-d calls you, you must answer “Hineni”, “I am ready”.

G-d calls us and we must respond.  Thus, our students bring Tzedakah every day knowing that these monies will buy food supplies for local families in distress.

Indeed, our Chessed programs are ongoing and varied.  We volunteer at a soup kitchen and we pack food for the needy.  We meet the poor and change their faces to smiles as they receive our support in food and word.  We receive more than we give.

We also help an organization that fosters reentry into society for patients with emotional disorders.  They do this by building and maintaining greenhouses and we are there to help them.

Our Chessed program runs on two tracks.  The theoretical track presents the Torah background to the Mitzvot relating to Chessed; the practical track takes the students out of school — and their comfort zone — to actually perform the Mitzvot they studied in class.

Students go out to the field every second Thursday.  They return to school with  the knowledge they have done something important for their society and the feeling that they have made a difference is someone’s life.  Hopefully, these experiences will inspire our students to dedicate time to Chessed throughout their lives.