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Course Description:

This course is a two semester introductory course to basic Biology. The course begins with an introduction to the basics of science and scientific thinking along with an introduction to the study of Biology and its importance. We introduce the basic unit of life, the cell, and study its structure, functions, growth and division. We then move on to studying the major systems of the human body among them the nervous, respiratory, circulatory and digestive systems. We conclude the course with a unit on ecology, focusing on the earth, its various ecosystems, populations of plants and animals. As well, we will look at our unique role as humans in the biosphere.

Attendance and Participation:

Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each class.

Participation is vital in the classroom. Participation means taking part in class discussions, asking questions and contributing during group activities. Participating also means cooperating which means that you do not speak when it is not your turn and that you listen when I or a fellow classmate is speaking. You will be graded on participation.


You will need a notebook or paper and binder in which to take notes and a pen or pencil with which to take those notes. You will also need two folders: one for any handouts and diagrams which I give you and one for homework assignments and tests. You will be expected to have all the handouts I have given you in class with you as we may refer back to old ones from time to time. Any student who does not come to class with the necessary materials will be marked as unprepared on my attendance sheet. This will affect your attendance and participation grade because it is not possible to neither properly attend nor participate in class if you are not prepared with the necessary tools.


The text we will be using is Prentice Hall Biology (any edition printed after 2002) by Kenneth Miller and Joseph Levine, Pearson Education Inc.

You will generally not need to have the textbook in class; I will tell you in advance if you will need it for the next lesson. You will usually need it at home for reading or homework assignments. 


Homework assignments will be assigned regularly. They may sometimes consist of readings or questions from the textbook or of separate handouts.

Homework is due at the beginning of class while I am taking attendance. Once attendance is over I will remove the pile. Any assignments handed in after that point will be considered late.


Quizzes will be assigned in advance. The purpose of the quizzes is to keep us on track and up to date with the class and the material we are learning. You may use the quizzes to study for tests, although the format and content of the questions may be different. I will drop your lowest quiz grade.


Test dates will be assigned according to the speed at which we move through the material. I will not assign tests less than 3 weeks in advance and material covered the class before the test will not be included in the test without the consent of the class.

Extra Credit:

For each test there will either be an extra credit question on a test itself or an optional extra credit assignment.

Biology Megama with Netiv Meir:

Five point biology is offered in conjunction with Netiv Meir. Students are able to choose to take their megamot with Netiv Meir and have a joint class with their Israeli friends. This program encourages students to integrate into an Israeli program while still doing most of their studies at YTA.