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Computer Science

Grade 9:

The Grade 9 course in Computer Science covers topics of computer literacy in the following applications:

Word, Powerpoint, MovieMaker and Excel.  The course also covers an introduction to topics of computer science without actually programming, such as: Binary Numbers, Encoding and Decoding, Image Processing, Finding Errors and Correcting Them, Graph Theory, Search Methods.

Grade 10:

The Grade 10 curriculum offers an introduction to the elements of programming in the Java programming language: input/output statements, assignment statements, integer and double data types, if statements, for and while loops, sums and counters, using library functions, writing your own functions, generating random numbers, character and string data types, and one dimensional arrays.  This course covers approximately half the material required for 3 points Bagrut in Computer Science.

Approximately half of the class time is lecture and half involves running programs on computers in the computer lab.  Worksheets distributed by the teacher will be used instead of a textbook.  It is important to keep these worksheets in a lookleaf binder as all exams in computer science (including Bagrut exams) are open book exams. 

Grade 12:

The Grade 12 course prepares the students who have completed 3 points in Computer Science for an additional 2 point Computer Science Bagrut exam, to count for a total of 5 points in Computer Science.  Unit 4 includes objects, recursion, linked lists, stacks, queues, binary trees and complexity, and involves writing programs in Java.  Unit 5 does not involve programming, but deals with the topic of Automata and Formal Languages.