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YTA students are unique in the Israeli education system in their fluency in spoken English.  Some, however, will require reinforcement in other areas of the language such as reading comprehension and written expression.  These areas will be developed in class.  Concurrently, all students will complete the five units of Bagrut English by the end of Grade 11.  In mid second term, they will practice their comprehension skills in a series of tests with the goal of excelling in the Bagrut exams.

Grade 9

The Literature segment will offer an understanding of different literary styles and devices as a means of self-expression and as a tool for relating to human society and the students’ own lives.  It will also teach the students to analyze texts by using textual evidence.  In addition, this segment will create opportunities for class discussions and oral presentations as a means to develop self-confidence in expressing ideas and emotions in the appropriate register and with grammatical accuracy.

The Composition segment will help students develop a critical appreciation of the writing process, including knowledge of format, expression of emotions, opinions and the process of editing.

In the Mechanics segment, students will learn mechanical skills, punctuation, spelling, grammar etc in order to maximize both the quality and clarity of their compositions.

Classroom Expectations

The classes will read short stories and present written/oral reports of critical analysis and personal responses including comparison of texts.

One full length novel will be studied and analyzed as will a selection of 10 poems.

Grade 10

The main foci are on reading and writing.  The goals of reading are to gain exposure to the literary genres, to increase understanding of literature via some of the vocabulary and concepts of literary criticism, to develop a basic aesthetic appreciation of literature, to distinguish the characteristics of several genres and to see their interrelatedness, to increase general vocabulary, and to promote the habit of reading.

The goals of writing are to overcome writing anxiety and to begin to experience writing as empowerment rather than as drudgery, to learn how to generate, organize, and develop ideas, to improve editing skills, especially in terms of clarity and precision in diction and in mechanics, and to make journal writing a habit.

A requirement of the 5-point Bagrut is a research project.  As an extension of the above goals, students will use this project to develop skills in: Introduction/time management, prewriting, organization, documentation, working with mentors, research and development, preparing visual/verbal progress report(s) and bibliographies, editing, creating oral reports and visual aids.

An additional requirement of the English program is for students to gain proficiency in the Higher Order Thinking Skills. They will learn to identify the HOTS and use them effectively as an analysis tool of literature.

Classroom Expectations

In Reading, students will be expected to read the short stories and poems as assigned, as well as the novel.  They will also begin to fulfill the requirements for the Bagrut review books and all writing assignments.