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The goals of our Gemara shiurim include; the development of the skills necessary for independent study of the Gemara and for basic evaluation of the process of p’sak and halakhic argumentation.  These goals are facilitated by students’ ability to think and express themselves in the “language” of the Gemara.  A primary focus of our ninth and tenth-grade classes, accordingly, is to give students a large working vocabulary of the most common and significant terms found in the Gemara and mefarshim. The selection of Gemara texts at YTA is done along criteria of practicality, interest to the student, applicability to daily Shmirat Mitzvot: its details and rationales.

In the 11th and 12th grade, we use the skills acquired to begin a more in depth study of  the text, while at the same time solidifying our students vocabulary and “derech Halimud”. All Y.T.A. students will learn 5 Yechidot of  Gemara (each Yechida is approximately 10-15 blatt) and will be-ezrat Hashem be prepared to continue their learning after high school in a Yeshiva environment (Hesder or Mechina)

At Y.T.A., we formulate our Gemara study to offer wholesome and uplifting values for our students to understand and emulate.