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Toshba Track – 11th and 12th grade
The Toshba Track at YTA allows a junior and senior to continue his Gemara learning while pursuing a broader range of limudei kodesh. The track consists of the following:
• Seven periods a week of Gemara (instead of 11 in the Talmud Track), spread over three days a week
• Four periods a week of Jewish studies electives, spread over the remaining two days. Electives include classes in practical Halacha (Shabbat, Kashrut, or Shemitta), philosophy of mitzvot, and the Jewish perspective on relationships (Bayit Chinuch U’Mishpacha). These Toshba classes form part of the bagrut curriculum.
The Toshba track student will have a well-rounded knowledge of practical Halacha, Hashkafa and Gemara while learning the skills necessary to continue his learning in the future.