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  • Tiyul Shnati:

 – Coming Up! This year’s tiyul Shnati promises to be great fun with hiking, camping

and so much more in the beautiful Golan Heights!


  • YTA Flag Football:

 – champions! The YTA flag football team won the championship of the IFL league at Kraft stadium.
In a hard fought final the YTA outlasted their opponent to win the championship.

Congratulations to the entire team!

  • Parshat Zachor:

 – YTA boys spent Shabbat together in Susya. The theme this year was “Stepping up to make a
difference”. Baruch Hashem, the Shabbaton was enjoyed by all and there was lots of ruach!


  • Bagrut Shetach:

 – Our 12th graders in Megamat Eretz Yisrael presented excellent presentations for their bagrut

in Eretz. Each had to research a place in Yerushalayim and teach the rest of the class on site.


  • Rosh Chodesh Tefilla and special breakfast
  • Mishmar:

 – Rav Jeremy Speirer’s topic was Adar and true

Happiness. He discussed every person’s quest to find true happiness in life and what it means.