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The 12th Grade is producing a Yearbook to highlight the many and various aspects of a YTA education and to review their personal experiences with us.

Every graduating student will receive a copy of the Yearbook as will new families to YTA.

Here is a significant way for businesses to get the word out to the YTA and Olim community.  You can use YTA to let everyone know who you are and how you service the needs of so many people in the Greater Jerusalem area. 

Support the great Yearbook effort by purchasing an advertisement that will be printed in the Yearbook for all to see.  Ads are available according to the following plan:

$300 for 1 full-page ad.  Click here to donate.

$180 for 1/2-page ad.     Click here to donate.

$75   for 1/4-page ad.     Click here to donate.

$18   for one line of greeting or blessing.  Click here to donate.

Thank you for supporting our yearbook.  We appreciate your generosity.