Translations / TOSHBA

Shifrut Hashut

11th Grade:

Sifrut Hashut literally means “Responsa Literature” and refers to questions and answers between lay people, Rabbis and other Jewish experts. The book we will be referring to has many chapters and this year we will discuss issues of nationhood and society, conversion and acceptance of converts, medical ethics, what belongs to whom on the internet, smoking in public, matters relating to prisoner swaps, public safety and security.

Various responsa will be reviewed and debates are likely to engage the class.

Dinim Umavo

11th Grade:

The goal of this Toshba class is to ensure that the students have basic knowledge of the fundamentals of Jewish life. We will be studying units that focus on the laws of Shabbat, the Chagim, Mitzvot Bein Adma L’Chaveroi, Kashrut and many others.

Some of the material will be familiar to students growing up in a religious family, while there is also information that will supplement what they have already learned.

This course has an external Bagrut in the spring. There will be regular tests throughout the year.

Ishut V’Mishpacha

12th Grade

This course is essentially a study in relationships. The relationships of females: with G-d, with ones’ self, with parents, with children and with the opposite gender.

We will dissect the story of the creation of the first man and woman, Adam and Chava and the relationship between them, in order to gain insight into modern day man and modern-day relationships.

In this class we will study the Halachot surrounding the topics of dating, Shomer Negiah, marriage, divorce, hair coverings, the laws of Niddah and more.

The students will be tested with an external Bagrut exam in the spring.

Women in Jewish Law

12th Grade:

In this course the girls study the unique role of women in the Jewish law.

Questions we will discuss are:  Do women have a unique role in Jewish law? What is that role? What Mitzvot are women obligated in? We will study the laws and seek to understand the reasons behind the laws.

We will delve into the topics of: Teffilah, Tzizit, Teffilin, Torah study, Zimmun, leadership roles, Aliyot to the Torah, Mechitza, Tzniut and Honoring and Enjoying the Shabbat.

We ill specifically focus on the women’s relationship with each of these Mitzvot.

The course is among the Bagrut requirements and the students will be assessed both with tests and a final project at the end of the year.