Meet our students

Dear Parents and Students,

Yerushalayim Torah Academy (Y.T.A) is a Yeshiva High School for English speakers located in Yerushalayim. It is designed especially for the Oleh and offers a new and innovative program that has become the model for the Ministry of Education.

Y.T.A. schools are partnered with an Israeli High School and our students become integrated with their Israeli peers.

Students participate in a full Bagrut (Matriculation) program. Our students’ bagrut record is impressive.

Y.T.A. offers excellence in education. Students are inspired to take their studies seriously; at the same time, individual differences are accepted and respected. We focus on each student’s needs and encourage him/her to maximize his/her capabilities.

Y.T.A. believes in the Jewish value of self-improvement. We inspire our students to build warm and deep relationships with G-d, their teachers, parents, and friends. We rejoice in watching them mature and develop into positive and contributing members of Israeli society. Indeed, it is our profound desire to create a community that will serve as our talmidim’s support system so that they can comfortably acclimate to life in Israel.

I hope you will enjoy your virtual tour of YTA and look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely yours,
Rabbi David Samson
Rosh Yeshiva / Dean

About us

Limud Torah

Torah and Gemara are a central focus of our curriculum. Our students study these subjects on two levels, intensive and extensive, as prescribed by the Ministry of Education for all Yeshiva high schools. All Jewish Studies classes are conducted in English with the original Hebrew texts.

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General studies

Our General Studies program follows the requirements of the national Bagrut (Matriculation) requirements.

Our students complete all the requirements in scope and depth for a full Bagrut Certificate which is the Israeli equivalent of a high school diploma.

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Our faculty

Our teaching faculty combines many years of experience with an openness to modern methodologies. They care deeply about our students’ personal development in addition to their intellectual growth, and they are expert in their subject matter.

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Tiyulim (field trips) include group hikes, visits to museums and other attractions and “fun outings” such as paintball. Our Tiyulim instill in our students a sense of connection to our land.

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Chessed program

The Chessed Program inculcates our students with an appreciation of their own blessed life and the value of sharing one’s own time and largess with the needy.

Student groups volunteer at different charitable organizations in and around Jerusalem. The common factor of all of these organizations is that they provide assistance to people who are less fortunate than we are.

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