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Yerushalayim Torah Academy
c/o Netiv Meir
Rechov Hapisga 7
Bayit Vegan, Jerusalem
Email: [email protected]

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Driving directions

Here are driving directions to YTA for Boys located in Bayit Vegan. Directions to YTA for Girls, located in Ramat Eshkol, will be posted shortly…

Driving Directions to Yerushalayim Torah Academy for Boys from the entrance to Yerushalyim (כביש 1)

TO: Rechov Hapisga 7, Bayit Vegan

1. After entering the city, continue straight and pass under the “String Bridge” (גשר המיתרים).

2. Make the first right after the bridge onto Sderot Herzl (שדרות הרצל)

3. Continue straight (pass the hotels on your left)

4. Turn right at Rechov Farbstein (רחוב פרבשטיין)

5. Continue onto Derech Mordechai Ish Shalom (דרך מרדכי איש שלום) Follow the road as it curves.

6. Continue onto Yefe Nof (יפה נוף)

7. Continue onto Rechov Amir (אמיר)

8. Continue onto Sderot Herzl (שדרות הרצל). (Road curves to the right) Pass the Military Cemetery on the right.

9. Turn left at Rechov Hapisga (רחוב הפסגה) (Traffic Light)

10. Follow the road around as it curves to the right. Netiv Meir is located at the intersection of Rechov Hapisga and Rechov Hachida (right opposite the בית האירוח )