Physical Education


The YTA sports program is an important component of the curriculum. Recent research suggests that moderate exercise and physical activity conducted 2-3 times per week strongly contribute to the teen leading and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Participation in Sport activities also enhances academic performance.  PE classes, offered twice per week, primarily focus on:

    • Fitness and endurance
    • Agility
    • Coordination
    • Teamwork
    • Spatial Awareness
    • Camaraderie

And, also, importantly;

  • Having FUN!


That students:

  • feel comfortable and enjoy participating
  • increase general levels of fitness and endurance
  • develop and improve coordination, sporting skills and techniques
  • develop character, self-esteem and confidence

Students complete 2 Bagrut units in PE in Grade 12.

TORAH & SPORTS: Teaching Torah Values through Sport & Exercise


This course is based on the notion that sports education and Jewish education can be combined in ways that will provide compelling results for students in both areas. By using analogies drawn from the world of Jewish literature, the course will work at enhancing both character and sports performance. By bridging between the sports’ field and the Bet Midrash this program seeks to capitalize on the popularity of sports by channeling the positive emotional energy it generates into Jewish learning. Students will be given the opportunity to practically apply the philosophies and principles learned in class onto the sports arena through physical activity, exercise drills and sports games.


  • Utilize Jewish learning to enhance sports performance
  • To illustrate the relevance and significance of fundamental Jewish concepts to the lives of the students
  • Develop both the sports personality and Jewish personality of the student
  • To increase general levels of fitness and endurance
  • To develop and/or improve general sporting skills and techniques
  • To engage the students and enhance participation in all aspects of the program