9th/10th grade:

During this year we will be focusing on enhancing all Hebrew skills (reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar) while preparing for the material on the Bagrut exam in the 12th grade.

11th Grade:

In addition to continuing working on all Hebrew skills we will also be working on the Hebrew portfolio which will count towards 30% of the final Bagrut grade.

12th Grade:

In 12th grade we will be preparing for the external Hebrew Bagrut exam in the summer – this exam counts for 70% of the final Lashon score. Subjects on the exam include: Hebrew comprehension, composition, writing, grammar and syntax.

Hebrew Literature/Sifrut:

11th Grade:

We begin preparing for the external Bagrut exam which will comprise 70% of the final Hebrew Literature score. The curriculum includes learning a Midrashic story, Medieval Jewish and Modern Hebrew poetry as well as Hebrew and translated short stories.

12th Grade:

During the 1st semester we will begin studying the play ‘Ba’alat HaArmon’ by Leah Goldberg. The girls will be tested on this play as part of their 12th grade Bagrut exam.

During the 2nd semester we will focus on creating the Hebrew Literature Portfolio/ תלקיט. This portfolio will count towards 30% of the final grade in Sifrut. The literature that we will be reading for this portfolio is ‘Address Unknown’ by Kressman Taylor.


9th/10th Grade:

The 9th/10th grade class start learning History entering Modernity – beginning with the Enlightenment and Nationalism. The focus then shifts to the Jewish experience in modern times and includes Emancipation, Haskala and Jewish Nationalism – Zionism. We will be examining the personalities and movements that built and shaped our country: Mevasrie Tzion, Herzl and the first major Aliyot in modern times.

11th and 12th grade:

We will continue learning about the Yishuv in Israel leading up to the War of Independence. We will cover major events in Israel including the Six Day War and Aliyot from around the world.

Additionally, an important course of study on the Holocaust is part of the curriculum. In each class we will incorporate projects that will account for a third of the final Bagrut grade.


11th and 12th Grade:

The Civics course begins with our Declaration of Independence in 1948 and examines democracy, legislation, becoming an Israeli citizen, the unique nature of a Jewish state, the challenges of a Jewish and democratic state and the Israeli system of government.

We incorporate trips to the Knesset and Supreme court, as well as a project the accounts for 20% of the final Bagrut grade.


9th grade:

The biology class is meant to give the students an introduction and overview study of the human body. We will start the year discussing what is science? What is biology? We will go on to learn about the cell and genetics. The bulk of the year will be spent learning about the different systems of the body. The students will work with PowerPoint presentations and handouts.


10th grade:

An introductory psychology course in which students will be introduced to the theories of Maslow and Erikson.

11th Grade:

The students will deepen their knowledge of the theories of Maslow and Erikson and will be tested with a 3-point Bagrut exam at the end of the year.

12th grade:

The students will focus on the learning process and research topics such as stress and motivation. The learning will be summarized with a research paper done in groups. This paper will be counted as a 2-point Bagrut.


9th/10th grade:

Our English class will focus on 3 areas of study: 1. Reading comprehension, 2. Writing skills, 3. Literature.

Each week, English class will begin with a short quiz. Over the course of the year students will be given four book report assignments. Books will be approved by the teacher. Each student must bring her book to every English class.


11th Grade:

11th grade English will be an exciting year of exploring literature and working on writing together. The students will be preparing for two Bagrut exams -module E and module F.

Module E: This exam is made up of unseen text, an oral text, multiple choice and fill in the blank questions. We will prepare for this exam using the following text: ‘Bagrut Plus for Module E’. The students will be taking this exam in the winter.

Module F: this component of the English Bagrut is based on Literature that we will study together and 4 book reports that the students will work on independently.

We will read and analyze different literature genres, this will include 2 poems, 3 short stories and a novel. Each literacy work will be assessed with an alternative assessment (40% of the grade) and a test (60% of grade). There will be an internal Bagrut at the end of the year on the 6 literacy works.

Additionally, each student will be responsible for independent reading and reports. They will have to read a book and complete a report twice a semester (a total of 4 times) More information will be given to the students about the extensive reading.

12th grade:

The goals for 12th grade English are: 1. Literary analysis  2. How to research and write a research paper 3.  Prepare for Bagrut module G.