9th/10th grade curriculum

In 9th/10th grade the students are provided with an introduction to the methodologies of Machshevet Yisrael (Jewish Philosophy or Jewish Thought) and will also begin to prepare students for the Bagrut exam they will take in this subject in the 11th grade class. Class discussions are based on readings from classic texts (English translations are provided when necessary).

11th grade curriculum:

In the 11th grade the girls study topics revolving around approaches to belief in G-d and finding personal meaning in one’s life. Class discussions are based on weekly homework assignments from the texts found in the textbook Emunah Ve’Geuala Chapters 1,2,6 and 7 (usually English translations are provided)

In addition to the written tests and the Bagrut there will also be a series of writing assignments to be completed in the spring.